cut or short cut [kut]
cut, cutting [ME cutten, kytten < Late OE * cyttan < Scand base seen in Swed dial., Ice kuta, to cut with a knife: the word replaced OE ceorfan (see CARVE), snithan, scieran (see SHEAR) as used in its basic senses]
I denoting penetration or incision
1. to make an opening in as with a sharp-edged instrument; pierce; incise; gash
2. to pierce, hit sharply, constrict, etc. so as to hurt
3. to hurt the feelings of
4. to grow (a new tooth making its way through the gum)
II denoting separation, removal, or division
1. to remove or divide into parts with a sharp-edged instrument; sever
2. to carve (meat)
3. to cause to fall by severing; fell; hew
4. to mow or reap with a scythe, sickle, etc.
5. to pass through or across; intersect; divide [the path cuts the meadow diagonally]
a) to divide (a pack of cards) at random so as to rearrange the pack after the dealer has shuffled or so as to show a card to determine the dealer, partners, etc.
b) to select (a card) at random from a pack, as by cutting the deck
6. to castrate; geld
7. Informal to pretend not to see or know (a person); snub
8. Informal to stay away from (a school class, etc.) without being excused
9. Informal to cause to stop operating [cut the engine ]
10. Slang to stop; discontinue [cut the noise ]
11. Informal to discharge from a job, release from a sports team, etc.
III oting reduction
1. to make less by or as by severing a part or parts; reduce; lessen; curtail [to cut salaries]
2. to make shorter by severing the ends of (hair, branches, fingernails, etc.); trim; shear; pare
3. to dilute (alcohol, etc.)
4. to dissolve or break up the fat globules of [lye cuts grease]
IV noting performance by incision, etc.
1. to make, do, form, or decorate by or as by cutting; specif.,
a) to make (an opening, clearing, channel, etc.) by incising, drilling, hacking, or excavating
b) to engrave; inscribe
c) to type or otherwise mark (a stencil) for mimeographing
d) to cut cloth so as to form the parts for (a garment)
e) to edit (film) by deleting some scenes and assembling others into a desired sequence
f) to hit, drive, or throw (a ball) so that it spins
g) to cause (a wheel) to turn sharply
h) to make a recording of (a speech, music, etc.) on (a phonograph record)
i) to shape (a diamond), as by sawing or grinding
1. to do the work of a sharp-edged instrument; pierce, sever, gash, etc.
2. to do cutting; work as a cutter
3. to take cutting; be severed, etc. [pine cuts easily]
4. to use an instrument that cuts
5. to cause pain by or as by sharp, piercing, or lashing strokes [the wind cut through his thin clothes]
6. Informal to swing a bat, club, etc. at a ball
7. to change direction suddenly, as while running
8. to move swiftly
9. Film TV etc.
a) to make a sudden change, as from one scene or character to another
b) to end the filming or taping of a scene, as by shouting a command (cut!) or giving a sign
1. that has been cut
2. made, formed, or decorated by cutting
3. reduced; lessened
4. castrated
5. Bot. having an indented edge; incised, as some leaves or petals
1. a cutting or being cut
2. a stroke or blow with a sharp-edged instrument, whip, etc.
a) Informal a swing taken at a ball
b) spin imparted to a ball, as by hitting the lower side of it
4. an opening, incision, wound, etc. made by a sharp-edged instrument
a) the omission of a part
b) the part omitted
6. a piece or part cut off or out; specif.,
a) any of the segments of the carcass of a meat animal
b) a slice from such a segment
7. the edge or outline of something cut
a) the amount cut, as of timber
b) a reduction; lessening; decrease
10. a passage or channel cut or dug out or worn away
11. the style in which a thing is cut; fashion; form [a stylish cut]
12. an act, remark, etc. that hurts one's feelings
a) a block or plate engraved for printing, or the impression made from it
b) a printed picture, as in a newspaper, book, etc.
14. [< ? Welsh cwt, lot] one of the bits of straw, stick, paper, etc. used in drawing lots to decide something
15. Informal the act of snubbing or ignoring
16. Informal an unauthorized absence from school, etc.
17. Informal a share, as of profits or loot
18. Informal a BAND1 (n. 7) on a phonograph record
19. Film
a) a sudden change from one image to another
b) an assembled version of a movie [a rough cut, final cut, etc.]
a cut above
Informal somewhat better than
cut across
to take a shorter course by going straight across as in a diagonal direction
☆ cut a deal Slang
to reach an agreement; make a bargain
cut a figure
1. to attract attention
2. to make a (specified kind of) showing or impression
cut and dried
1. prepared or arranged beforehand; routine
2. lifeless; dull; boring
cut and run [from the earlier naval phrase meaning “to cut the anchor cable and set sail immediately”]
to leave in haste
cut back
1. to make shorter by cutting off the end
2. to reduce, decrease, or discontinue (production, personnel, etc.)
3. to go back to earlier narrative events, as in a novel or film
4. to change direction suddenly, as in football
cut dead
Informal to snub completely
cut down
1. to cause to fall by cutting; fell
2. to kill, as by shooting
3. to reduce; lessen
4. Informal to humiliate, humble, etc. by criticizing sharply
cut down to size
Informal to reduce the prestige or importance of
cut in
a) to move in suddenly, as into a small opening in a lane of traffic
b) to move into another's place [don't cut in line]: also cut into
2. to join in suddenly; break in on; interrupt
3. to interrupt a couple dancing in order to dance with one of them
4. to blend (shortening) into flour, etc. as with a knife
5. to put or bring in; introduce
6. to make a connection, as into an electrical circuit
7. Informal to give a share to
cut it
Informal to do or perform satisfactorily or successfully
cut it fine Informal
1. to make exact calculations
2. to make exact distinctions
cut it out
Informal to stop doing what one is doing
cut loose
Informal to act or speak without self-control
☆ cut no ice
Informal to make no impression
cut off
1. to separate from other parts by cutting; sever
2. to stop abruptly
3. to shut off
4. to break in on; interrupt
5. to intercept
6. to disinherit
cut out
1. to remove by cutting
2. to leave or take out; remove; omit; eliminate
3. Informal to eliminate and take the place of (a rival)
4. to make or form by or as by cutting
5. Informal to stop running: said of an engine
6. Informal to discontinue; stop
7. Informal fit or suited by nature
8. Slang to leave abruptly
cut short
to stop abruptly before the end
cut one's teeth on
to learn or use at an early age
cut through
1. to penetrate or go through by cutting
2. to go straight through
☆ cut to the chase
[< CUT, vi. 9a, with reference to a scene involving a chase, as in a crime film] Informal to go directly to the essential element, without further preliminaries, delay, etc.
cut up
1. to cut into pieces
2. to inflict cuts or lacerations on
3. Informal
a) to criticize harshly
b) to cause to be dejected or distressed
4. Slang to clown, joke, etc. to attract attention
☆ make the cut Informal
to avoid elimination, as in a golf tournament

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